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Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving Articles

Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving: Basic solutions that limit the involvement of a slowly dwindling staff are ideal

by Chris Eckert - President Sologic Global - Published in Pumps and Systems magazine

It seems strange to be thankful for problems. However, solving problems is what maintenance professionals are paid to do. Whether it is finding ways to make a facility run more reliably, designing a structure with limited time and money, or managing a group of 75 employees, each day the average employee is faced with multiple problems that must be resolved. Those who are successful at solving problems are usually successful in their careers. While not new, the strategies that successful people use to solve today’s problems are changing.

Causelink Enterprise Featured in Industrial Engineer Magazine

by Kate Fisher, reporter - Published in Industrial Engineer

Sologic Causelink Enterprise software featured in Industrial Engineer Magazine

Groundings of the M/V Rena and Costa Concordia Ships - From an RCA Expert's Perspective

by Eddie Janson, Sologic Scandinavia Director - Published in Shipgaz magazine

According to long-time ship captain, Eddie Janson, the recent groundings of the M/V Rena and the Costa Concordia point out important lessons when seen through the eyes of a root cause analysis expert. So far, the response to these incidents seems to have focused mostly on human error as the cause and punitive actions as the solution. But the purpose of a root cause analysis is not to find someone to blame, it is to prevent an undesired event from happening again. We have to ask, why was it possible to make this error? What safeguards should have been in place to prevent it? To truly change unsafe behavior, regular training and commitment from the top is needed.

Slow Down and Think Causally to Solve Pump Problems

by Chris Eckert, President - Published in Pumps and Systems

Avoid repeat failures and lost production or profits by using a structured approach to problem solving.

Safety Action Review Board Best Practices

by Brian Hughes, Vice President - Published in Professional Safety

Improve RCA report quality and more effectively share improvement ideas throughout the organization by setting up a safety review board.

RCA Concepts and Best Practices for IT Problem Managers

by Mark Hall - Published in Industrial Engineer

Successful IT problem-solving organizations are increasingly implementing formal root cause analysis (RCA) within their ITIL problem management structure to more effectively analyse problems and prevent negative impacts on the business.

Effective Preparedness Training: Improving Response to Major Incidents

by Mike Resimius and John Stiller - Published in Professional Safety

By designating, training and preparing employees ahead of time, and continuously practicing and refreshing training, organisations can be well-equipped to effectively prevent and respond to safety incidents.

Solving Supply Chain Problems Proactively

by Brian Hughes, Vice President - Published in Industrial Engineer

Companies that need to manage the risks of a complex global supply chain are most successful when they proactively solve problems through a robust Solution Management System (SMS) built on a solid, adaptable root cause analysis program.

Sologic awarded 'outstanding' status after ECITB audit

by Jonathan Batchelor - Published in LinkedIn

Leading root cause analysis (RCA) training and investigation provider, Sologic, is proud to announce that its services have been commended as ‘outstanding’ after being audited by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB).

RCA - the future of aviation event investigation strategies?

by Andy Wilkinson - Published in LinkedIn - Online - Printed

Two years ago Andy’s organisation implemented a Safety Management System and has been using industry standard Maintenance Error Decisions Aid (MEDA) to carry out event investigation. Andy undertook Sologic’s two-day Root Cause Analysis Training (RCA) course to enhance CSE’s error prevention and solution strategies. Since then, he has noticed significant changes across his organisation, which he details in the following interview.

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