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Engineering Construction Industry Training Board - Approved Provider

Sologic – the UK’s leading provider of Root Cause Analysis training and  investigation – is the only organisation of its kind to achieve an ‘outstanding’  commendation after being audited by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB). In addition, Sologic’s RCA Analyst Level 1 training course is now approved under the ECITB Training Levy.

What is RCA and how can it help my organisation?

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is the process of identifying problems and solutions (or replicating success) using a logical, step-by-step approach. It has been proven that subjectivity, personal bias, assumptions and infinite variables will influence the outcome of ‘informal’ investigations. RCA uses a systematic, step-by-step methodology to ensure that the root causes of a problem are logically and objectively identified so successful solutions can be put into place. RCA is increasingly popular in all sectors – and mandatory in many.

Sologic's RCA training can help engineering and construction organisations by

• More effectively identifying the underlying causes of problems
• Identifying evidence based solutions with immediate impact
• Helping establish safety and process best practices
• Creating OPEX cost-savings by
    - Preventing problems
    - Finding solutions that work first time
    - Enabling investigations to be undertaken in-house
• Building a better reputation and experience for stakeholders
• Instilling a positive problem-solving culture
• Automated report generation for better transparency and compliance
• Providing essential continued professional development
• Creating a competitive edge when it comes to tendering

Sologic – working in partnership with the engineering and construction industry…

Engineering and construction industry organisations working with Sologic benefit from unrivalled RCA training, led by facilitators with many years’ specialist experience and a unique understanding of sector-specific challenges. Sologic’s engineering and construction RCA methods are tried, tested and trusted in the real world and Sologic’s accompanying Causelink® software has been developed from industry feedback so that it is effective, intuitive and robust enough to use in any RCA investigation.

Personnel from the engineering and construction industry can use the ECITB’s training levy to claim back a substantial amount against the full cost of Sologic’s RCA Analyst Level 1 course.

This course can be delivered in-house or clients can attend one of Sologic’s numerous public courses.

Sologic is the only UK RCA training provider approved by the ECITB.

Full and part-time engineering and construction employees - as well as labour-only contractors working in the UK (or its offshore waters) - can make use of the ECITB’s training levy.

Why use Sologic as your Root Cause Analysis training provider?

  1. The UK's only ECITB approved RCA training provider

  2. Many years' experience working with the engineering and construction sector

  3. Unique understanding of sector-specific challenges

  4. Coverage across UK, Europe, Africa & Middle East

  5. In-house training delivered at your premises

  6. Public courses regularaly hosted in multiple cities

  7. Expert facilitators teaching RCA methods which are tried and trusted by leading engineering and construction organisations

View our public courses page for information on our upcoming public RCA Analyst Level 1 training events. To book or to discuss in-house courses, contact Sologic on 01603 819 130 use the contact form below.

You can also view our training page for information on Sologic’s full range of in-house training and e-learning courses.

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RCA Analyst Level 1
14 – 15 Feb
HCF Catch

The Sologic approach to RCA and their Instructors ability to present made the whole training course a pleasure to attend

Technical Manager
Chemical Industries

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Sologic has offices around the world staffed with experienced trainers, facilitators and investigators who deliver in multiple languages. See our international office directory.

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