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Root Cause Analysis Training (In-House)

Sologic has listened to organisations across the world and developed the most innovative and effective root cause analysis training curriculum available today.

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How will RCA training benefit my business?

  • Throughout all sectors and across all disciplines Sologic provides the methods, technology and expertise to help organisations solve problems in performance, quality, safety, compliance and reliability.

  • At its core RCA is a logical process used for identifying the causes of problems or events in order to prevent them from recurring. It is based on the idea that effective management requires more than addressing the symptoms of problems that develop but on finding a way to prevent them at source.

  • Today, Sologic RCA is also employed as a powerful means of identifying best practice, driving continuous improvement and rewarding evidence-based decision making.

  • What could a world-class RCA Program deliver for your organisation?

  • Investigation methods that accurately reveal systemic barriers to productivity, reliability and performance; large and small, recurrent and unique.

  • A powerful and scalable methodology that can be shared across disciplines, teams and departments. Improving efficiency, supporting change and breaking down organizational silos.

  • Reporting skills that allow information to be shared quickly and contribute to institutional learning. Visit example reports here.

  • Software that will transform the effectiveness of problem solving; from diagnosis to analysis, from resolution to reporting.

  • A method that reveals the engrained information pinch-points, often hiding in plain-sight, that hold organisations back.

  • Problem-solvers who understand that there are always combinations of ‘root causes’ at play, and rarely just a single ‘root cause’.

  • A company-wide focus on causes over effects. Leading to a stronger culture of prevention, compliance and reduced-risk.

  • Sologic RCA has been adopted by leading organisations in over 40 countries, across countless different industries. Visit our Case Studies Library to learn how RCA has benefitted clients around the world.

What return on investment will I see?

Exact Return on Investment varies hugely between firms and sectors. The benefits of an embedded and long-term successful RCA program will touch all areas of an organisation on a systemic level. Substantial improvements in areas such as safety, compliance, quality and reliability deliver returns for every significant aspect of an organisation; bottom line, stakeholder confidence and company culture.

Sologic Causelink® Enterprise, our browser-based RCA reporting software product allows teams to measure the precise Return on Investment from individual solutions, as well as groups of solutions across departments or the entire organisation.

Visit our Case Studies Library to learn how RCA has benefitted clients around the world.

How will RCA training benefit me (and other delegates)?

Sologic’s world-class will help you solve problems, boost productivity and deliver change. Whether your challenges are related to safety or service, reliability or compliance, Root Cause Analysis training will provide you with the skills required to deliver substantial and long-lasting solutions to tough problems.

Over 99% of Sologic RCA delegates say they would recommend Sologic training. The Sologic RCA method can be applied to everything from major investigations, to recurring and systemic problems, to positive and proactive analyses. Delegates also benefit from the compilation of our clients’ best practices and requests, encompassing a vast array of industries, disciplines, geographies and cultures.

Visit our articles for more information.
Sologic Delegates learn skills that enable them to;

  • Unify around a , language and terminology
  • Perform and facilitate effective RCA investigations
  • Gather evidence, interview stakeholders and lead an investigation team
  • Identify, understand and correct systemic causes
  • Pinpoint effective solutions to problems of any magnitude
  • Minimize the impact of human behaviour and errors
  • Utilise Sologic Causelink ® software to visually depict cause and effect relationships, prepare a final RCA report, and analyse and share data
  • Effectively communicate RCA findings, common cause, solutions and trends

What our delegates report:

For me it was the potential of using a shared language and a uniform company-wide method that was really exciting. It made me realise how inefficient (and probably ineffective) our current procedures are.

Martin T, Director, Customer Service Provision

Understanding and being able to chart Cause and Effect within our plant has shone a much-needed torchlight onto our processes.

Sze H, Snr Chemical Engineer

It’s easy for any firm to fall into bad habits when it comes to solving problems. Dependency on opinion and conjecture over evidence was ours. Sologic provided us with the tools and discipline we required to improve our problem solving based on facts and data.

Claire S, Q&C Manager, Clinical Trials

For me, and all my team, this course gave us a timely reminder that problems are vital learning opportunities. If you ignore them, or explain them away with blame or weak excuses those opportunities for improvement are lost forever.

Liz K, Head of Compliance, Retail Banking

Why Sologic is the right choice for RCA training
Sologic Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of Root Cause Analysis Training and Investigation - and with good reason.

  • - Experience and expertise
    We use the most advanced cause-and-effect methodology and software to help globally recognised names in the aerospace, IT/IS, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, power generation & distribution, engineering and construction, mining, gas, oil and exploration, refining, manufacturing and financial sectors.

  • - Tested and trusted in high impact real-life incidents
    Sologic’s RCA methods are trusted by global brands to identify – sometimes life-saving – solutions. Read our testimonials and case studies to find our RCA services have helped shape organisations and influence industries.

  • - Industry-leading and innovative
    Because we use the latest methods and have developed leading Causelink® software, the world’s RCA experts are proud to work with Sologic and further our research and services.


We didn’t so much as start thinking outside the box, with Sologic we really just started looking in the box properly for the first time.

QA Manager, Waste Management

With adoption of the Sologic RCA method we were able to uncover the common sources of a number of our regular problems, generate effective solutions and build an evidence-based case for change.

Delivery Manager, Banking Software Team

Sologic RCA was a major part of our recent program of change. It made problem solving quicker, less political and, above all, more effective.

Project Manager, Aviation Company

Training our strategic management teams game us clearer thinking, more effective planning and swifter fault resolution. Sologic RCA had a very positive impact on our service levels.

Service Director, Retail banking

Sologic’s RCA training has been a real eye-opener. We have learned a completely new way of attacking not only common problems in our services, but all sorts of challenges, including organisational ones. I can strongly recommend Sologic as a training partner for RCA.

Delivery Manager, Software Sector

Developing a genuine desire to know WHY something happened instead of just ‘what happened’ was a major cultural shift for us. Sologic enabled us to embed this culture across all of our complaints teams and managers.

Complaints Team Leader, Retail Banking

Course are available in two settings:


Choose from a wide variety of locations and dates across Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa more

In house

Delivered on-site at a location to suit our clients and their delegates more

RCA Analyst Level 1

Practitioner & Facilitator: 2 days of classroom instruction.Learn more

RCA Analyst Level 2

Senior Investigator: 2 days of classroom instruction. Learn more

eRCA Fundamentals

Online e-learning: 3 hour, self-directed course available at anytime .Learn more

RCA Awareness

Half day seminar covering the basic principals of RCA and it's use within businessLearn more

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I am delighted to say that Sologic's training in general, and the trainers part of it in particular, has been a real eye-opener to me.

Delivery Manager
Datametrix AS

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