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Causelink Desktop Software

The Sologic method uses cause and effect analysis to unlock the door on problems and prevent them from recurring. It's scalable and universal - and it's intuitive to use, regardless of your techinical abilities or discipline.

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Causelink is included with Sologic Facilitator training and was built based on extensive client feedback and research, incorporating features clients asked for - features that increase their problem-solving capabilities and results.

For instance, Causelink is built with a state-of-the-art platform and interface that's designed to be compatible with current and future IT architectures. It also is the only RCA software on the market that clearly displays 50-plus causes in an 8.5x11" active workspace, PDF and printout (including to a plotter).

Causelink Version 2.0
• Improved data management
• Improved printing capability
• New charting features and updates
• Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French
• Increased reporting capability
• New ‘find’ feature on chart & report

Preview chart PDFs generated from Version 1.x:


Step-by-step analysis

  1. Sologic Causelink takes the user through a logical process - from initial data gathering through to final reports and resolution plans. Professional incident investigators, facilitators, and even participants are all better equipped to understand and document even the most complex problems in a way that's much more robust than root cause analysis templates found elsewhere.

    Users realise immediate results through deeper knowledge of the cause-and-effect relationships inherent in their challenges and incidents.

Causelink® empowers users to:

  1. Sologic Causelink® provides:

  2. Create charts quickly and efficiently

  3. Pinpoint evidence-based causes and effective solutions

  4. Create visual dashboards and spot trends

  5. Analyze and share data

  6. Sort through individual RCAs to identify common causes, total opportunity costs, common solutions, etc.

  7. Report to leadership in a language and format that captures their attention and active support

  8. Pinpoint, understand and solve systemic problems

  9. Achieve positive, lasting results, reach business goals, demonstrate ROI

System Requirements

  1. Processor: Minimum Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or faster; Recommended Pentium 4, 2 GHz

  2. Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP2 & SP3

  3. Memory: Minimum 512 MB of RAM; Recommended 1 GB of RAM.

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Sologic Europe offers root cause analysis training across the UK, Europe and Sub-Sarahran Africa. Our team of trainers, facilitators and investigators use their experience from wide-ranging industries to offer the best possible training to our clients.

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