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Root Cause Analysis Investigations - trusted around the world

Sologic Ltd’s root cause analysis investigation techniques are trusted around the world to identify the causes of workplace incidents and solve problems effectively, confidentially and impartially.

Our lead investigators are specialists in the field of RCA and have led investigations in an extensive range of industry sectors.

We understand the issues, sensitivities and challenges that you may face when major incidents occur. Our team will lead you through a successful root cause analysis investigation and navigate the unique challenges presented when investigating accidents or incidents.

When an accident or incident occurs, it is vital that you act both quickly and effectively - according to industry best practices. Call us on 01603 819 130 now for leading advice on your RCA investigation and what steps to take next.

When an RCA investigation is needed - why do so many organisations choose Sologic?

  • Industry-leading experience

    Sologic’s specialist RCA investigators have led successful root cause analysis investigations of incidents for some of the biggest names in the UK.

    Our work with the healthcare sector is extensive - from root cause analysis of medical incidents such as needlestick injuries and pressure sores to patient falls and accidents. Likewise we have worked extensively with the commercial and financial sectors - from RCA investigation of machine failure for the engineering industry to incident investigations for small businesses.

    Sologic’s experience covers but is not limited to:
    Aerospace - Commercial & Defense
    Petrochemical (Production and Research Facilities)
    Food and Beverage
    Power Generation & Distribution
    Engineering & Construction
    Gas, Oil & Exploration

    Read our case studies to find out how we’ve helped some of the UK’s leading organisations to identify and solve problems and prevent them from reoccurring - as well as improve performance and reputation. Alternatively, call us on 01603 819 130 for industry-leading advice.

  • Industry-leading expertise

    Sologic’s RCA investigation methodology and software are industry-leading and, as such, we attract the best RCA investigators who want to help us further our research in the field of RCA best practice. Browse our expert articles and blogs or call us on 01603 819 130 to find out more about how our industry-leading expertise can help your organisation.

  • Assured confidentiality

    All organisation are likely to encounter problems which require professional RCA investigation. We understand that it can be difficult to begin speaking with a third party about accidents and incidents. Investigations naturally connect our experts with sensitive information. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all our work. Sologic will always protect your proprietary information and intellectual property. To speak to us in complete confidence call 01603 819 130.

  • Measurable value and results

    We assess and apply a quantifiable value to each problem in order to allocate the right resources for your investigation. This way, you will always receive cost-effective services and real-world solutions that deliver an optimum return on investment. Many clients retain Sologic investigators for significant events, but others call upon us when events require it. Our investigators are comfortable working with problems of any size, in any industry or field of business.

    Call us on 01603 819 130 for a confidential discussion or complete the form below and we will contact you.

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I can highly recommend the Sologic training and also its use to enable business and organisations to develop and improve - this is definitely not just another accident/incident investigation training course.

HSE Manager
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