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Example RCA Reports and Chart Templates

The Sologic process provides you with the knowledge, framework and skills to solve the problems that your organisation encounters. It recognises that each situation and problem is different, unique. The methodology enables you to follow a process rather than relying on templates and forms.

We know that our customers, once trained, will be most successful when they follow the Sologic Root Cause Analysis process that they have learnt and use this process to elicit information, understanding and solutions from the people who are involved with the problem. Root Cause Analysis is not a process that is best served by charting templates and reporting forms alone. However, we do know that it can be helpful to have some examples, that may inspire you, the viewer, to use your own skills and abilities to organise the causes of the problem you are working on in a logical manner, to drill deeper and to identify effective and sustainable causes.

The charts on this page are offered as such examples and are based on genuine cases that our facilitators have worked with. We have made these anonymous to protect the identity of our customers.

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