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Organisations are under increasing pressures to reduce total logistics costs without sacrificing operational effectiveness and efficiency.  You will find that you are the conduit between plants and customers, As an operations and logistics professional you will provide a vital function in the production and transportation of crucial supplies, materials, and products. Despite time pressures and demands from individuals and departments you will exert focu on the tasks in hand and require exceptional attention to detail. From manufacturing to shipping logistics, every day brings the potential for complications and delays, defects, damage and confusion. Your organisation will need supplies, products and services to reach customers and end users in time.

 Strong return on the investment in Root Cause Analysis

The Sologic® method uses a clearly structured analysis process to understand significant problems and identify effective solutions that deliver a strong return on your investment of both time and money – and that contain and control human error and risk. Our customers are using this process for issues relating to delivery timing, throughput, efficiency, lost time, lost or damaged supplies and products, and customer service issues.

 Skills training and reporting software

The economic climate is touch, budgets constricted and time poverty is an issue. We have a range of training options that can be flexed to meet your needs. Importantly we provide a simple structure that applies across processes and disciplines and will create consistency in reports. Sologic Causelink® software will help you build accurate cause-and-effect charts that address core issues and promote realistic, lasting solutions. Sologic will also help you meet LEAN and ISO standards, without adding frustrating procedures or red tape. 

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RCA Analyst Level 1
16 – 17 Jan
HCF Catch
RCA Analyst Level 1
27 – 28 Feb
Jury's Inn, Union Square

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