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We have many customers that that work in Quality Assurance. They understand that Root Cause Analysis provides them with a tool that enables them to see what processes may need to be modified, what documents and forms will have to be revised, who will require training, and a myriad of other considerations that underpin a typical organisation. They are aware that all these functions help support strategic goals, enable excellence in customer service, control overheads and enhance organisational results.

In addition when looking at the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard it states: ‘Corrective actions shall be appropriate to the effects of the non-conformities encountered.’

When our customers look to comply with this requirement it is clear that in order to be sure that corrective actions are appropriate they must first understand and evaluate what the effects of the non-conformities actually are. That is they need to undertake a thorough and well controlled Root Cause Analysis of the presenting problem. There must be a correlation between the negatives – cost, comparable loss or appreciable risk – and the action taken. Without Root Cause Analysis effective corrective action is doomed. It would be like manufacturing a product without fully developing the specifications needed to fulfil the design requirements.

 Logical Analysis

Sologic® provides training, software and services to help you solve challenging, costly problems and prevent them from recurring. Our logical approach to analysis is built on more than 20 years of experience across the sectors and around the globe. We are familiar with the pressures you face in Quality Assurance and within your organisation, and we use proven root cause analysis to help you unravel significant risks and QA issues, step-by-step. We will help you solve problems related to products that do not meet required standards, customers who complain, repeat breakdowns, systems that fail and spending or overheads that are over budgets or spiralling out of control.

Collaborative solutions

The word investigation can conjure up the images of blame and the creation of a divisive working environment. The Sologic method provides a structured RCA framework that ensures everyone speaks the same language. It actually engages employees, building teams and inter-company communication. Sologic also integrates seamlessly with FMEA, Six Sigma, LEAN, Design of Experiments and any other QA processes currently entrenched in your organisation. Our widely used, industry standard logical method will help you to reduce the risks that you encounter and enable you and the organisation to pre-empt and prevent challenging problems from recurring, whilst meeting critical ISO standards.

View a quality root cause analysis example report and chart template here.

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