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We are proud of what we do and how we do it, but you do not have to take our word for it, please see below a selection of the testimonials we have received from delegates who have recently attended our in house or public RCA training courses.

Quality Assurance Officer


The trainer made Root Cause Analysis very interesting and fun, I enjoyed the course very much. In the beginning we were told that at the end we would be as enthusiastic as her about RCA. Yes, I can honestly say I cannot wait to start my own RCA and roll it out in my place of work.

I would recommend this course to anyone who deals with deviations or Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPAs).

once again thank you

Development Engineer

Race-Tec Sealing Limited

This was a very well presented course. There was great engagement and diversity balancing the mix of different people and organisations. There was a clear and structured approach which I can already visualise an application for.

Quality Assurance Manager

G R Carr

Finished a two day course on RCA (Root Cause Analysis ) run by Sologic. I would highly recommend this course whatever business sector you are in. Whilst RCA is typically associated with a starting point due to a negative occurrence, it can (I would say 'should') be applied proactively. Not only would you apply the skills/learning more frequently compared to it being initiated following a negative occurrence, it might even eliminate them happening in the first place.

Quality manager

G R Carr

I recently attended a two day Root Cause Analysis course run by Sologic which I would recommend to anyone. The trainer has consummate knowledge and experience of her subject which she passes on fluently and with ease. Very professional and a first class performance.

HSE Manager

KEO International Consultants

Sologic Root Cause Analysis Training. "Another accident/incident investigation training course” or so I thought... The training and information provided and delivered by Suzanne, demonstrates the value of having robust systems in place, which allow businesses to realise problems and issues and ensure that suitable solutions are achieved. My initial thoughts were that the course would be filled with health and safety professionals, all looking at how RCA can be used to investigate incidents. In reality on the training course that I attended, the delegates of which there were 18, came from a cross section of industry and business function, HR Quality, Business Development and IT. Suzanne’s skills to facilitate group discussions and interaction are excellent. Although the topic is subjective, Suzanne was able to advise and coach people on how to reach agreement and also how the Sologic Process, allows for all thoughts and idea to be reviewed and eliminated if not realistic. I can highly recommend the Sologic training and also its use to enable business and organisations to develop and improve. "This is definitely not just another accident/incident investigation training course"... Keep up the good work.

Barrie Odgers
HSE Manager at KEO International Consultants

Root Cause and Control Manager

Santander Finance

"Having recently set up a new designated root cause team within Santander Consumer Finance I sent my whole team on the Sologic RCA Analyst Level 1 course. Suzanne expertly guided my team through the Sologic methodology, giving them a real sense of structure and appetite for root cause. Her well organised and friendly teaching style had us all fully engaged and it was clear to see how we could apply the material learned to our day to day work within our industry. My team have since attended the lead investigator course, and like before, returned refreshed with new ideas from which they can draw from and put into practice! I would thoroughly recommend this suite of courses to anyone involved in root cause, with material that is versatile across many business sectors. Thanks Suzanne. "

Delivery Manager

Datametrix AS

I am delighted to say that Sologic's training in general, and the trainers part of it in particular, has been a real eye-opener to me. Being an ex-technician I assumed I had the recipe for all problem solving, and used to jump to solutions whenever needed!

Through two days of intense, but rewarding training, I have learned a completely new way of attacking not only common problems in our services, but all sorts of challenges, including organisational ones. I ran my first RCA today, and the feedback from the participants was that it was a very useful practice.

I can strongly recommend Sologic as a traning partner for RCA, The trainers pleasant appearance and structured approach to the material at hand combined with a good sense of humour really made time fly!

Incident Manager

Datametrix AS

I would recommend this to everyone that has issues internal or external. Its a great way to find "hidden" causes on an issue. The instructor was great and made the course really interesting! In the two days the course lasted, I really felt I had a good understanding of the process and we now use this in our company.

Head of Engineering

Chemical Industries

Our Instructors knowledge of RCA was excellent. They maintained a good tempo to the training, involving all the delegates and giving great examples for each of the steps required to complete a good RCA.

I would highly recommend Sologic RCA & their Instructors

EMEA Program Manager

Multinational Software Corporation

Sologic delivered a two day course on Root Cause Analysis, that both myself and the team found very valuable for our day to day roles, and will ensure that we deliver solid business value.

I would recommend Sologic & their instructors to anyone who has an interest in RCA

HSE Advisor

Global Energy Company

Our instructor was a highly experienced and knowledgeable facilitator who was able to tailor the sessions very well to the group. They created a comfortable learning environment for candidates which is a valuable skill for instructing and for running an actual RCA.

They had plenty of anecdotal examples which helped greatly to illustrate the point being made.
Enjoyed the RCA course and would highly recommend our Sologic Instructor as a RCA training instructor and as a facilitator.

Claims Manager

Risk Management Department NHS Trust

I am from a healthcare organisation. Having completed the Trust's RCA training, this course was very worthwhile. It enabled me to methodically look at the causative and contributory factors of a given incident whilst working with people from different disciplines.

The groups were well organised to give a balance of views and different sectors. For anyone looking to further develop their RCA investigation skills in a practical and theoretical way, this is an essential course. Since undertaking the course my analytical skills and approach to investigations have benefited immensely.

Content Release Operations Manager


I recently attended the Sologic RCA Facilitator course which I found very informative and interesting.

The associated Causelink software is user friendly and intuitive with good reporting functionality. I am looking forward to putting the RCA methodology into practice at my company and would highly recommend Suzanne as a trainer and Sologic as an approach to RCAs.

Technical Management Trainee


I attended the training at the end of September 2014. The session was very well organised and the information provided to be very useful for my job. I have already applied what I learnt and I can see the differences on the results of the RCA's. I definitely recommend the training.

Production Superintendent

Total E&P UK Limited

Very useful course - explains different types of causes which can combine to result in an incident. Helped me to structure my thought processes when doing root cause analysis and ask questions which I may not have asked otherwise - all helps to cover more angles and derive more solutions to a problem.

Research Scientist

Ferring Controlled Therapeutics

I highly recommend Root Cause Analysis Course to people involved in the pharmaceutical industry. The course is very interesting, useful and provides a new way of thinking for problem solving. The method of teaching is simple and easy to understand.

Global Personal & Process Safety Manager

Arizona Chemical

The trainer delivers a solid root cause analysis training, engaging the participants with her enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge. The training is a good mix of theory and practical application and is certainly not a software training only Although it was not my first RCA training, it certainly was worthwhile.

QA/QC Coordinator


The trainer is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the Sologic tool and delivery of RCA. The course material and delivery were both excellent, with all questions answered during the course. The software and skills taken away are yet to be fully tested but I can say that I 'am sold by the idea' and feel confident that even after just 2 days training we are in a better position to conduct an effective RCA.

Maintenance Supervisor


Cannot recommend the course more highly.

Leave your perceptions at the door. In just two days, learn where the analysis really begins, learn more questions than you thought possible, until the obvious becomes clearer. When you have finished, your analysis skills will have have been improved beyond measure.

They lead you through the course with humour and lively discussion and a wealth of practical experience.

A good investment to anyone's' career.

Health & Safety & Quality Systems Administrator

Aerospace Industry

The professional Sologic Instructors demonstrated a proactive use of Sologic Root Cause Analysis within a wide variety of scenarios.

I would recommend Sologic to any employer seeking to empower their workforce with the tools to implement Continuous Improvement activities.

Regional Business Manager

Premier Mortars

I have used the Root Cause to get to the bottom of some supply issues and found it very useful.

This was a large analysis with quite a few possible outcomes so the RCA was a perfect tool to use.

Plant Asset Management

Oil and Gas Industry

I recently attended one of Sologic's RCA courses and can only describe it as being fantastic. I can't remember when I have gleaned so much information in such a short period of time.

The Instructor managed to hold the attention of all participants for both days. Not an easy task considering the cross section of people attending. I would definitely recommend Sologic and their Instructors.

Technical Manager

Chemical Industries

Our Instructor gave the first level Sologic facilitator training for root cause analysis in such a way as to make the content very easy to understand through use of everyday scenarios and examples.

Both the Sologic approach to RCA and their Instructors ability to present made the whole training course a pleasure to attend.

Highly recommend for anyone wanting to improve root cause analysis investigating

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