Root Cause Analysis Training in the UK, Mainland Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa

The Team

Sologic Europe offers root cause analysis training across the UK, Europe and Sub-Sarahran Africa. Our team of trainers, facilitators and investigators use their experience from wide-ranging industries to offer the best possible training to our clients.

Please see below detailed biographies providing you more detail on our trainers, investigators and facilitators. Using genuine industry experience, our team use these skills to provide qualified and objective training based on logical methods and systems. Our aim is to train you and your colleagues to the highest possible level on RCA using the best tools in the market place. Using their extensive knowledge of the RCA process, our team also regularly head up facilitations and investigations for clients, providing the leadership and support when required most.

David Tooth


David helps clients solve problems related to quality, reliability, environmental health and safety, supply chain, logistics, and more. He also works closely with many clients to initiate and improve RCA programs through change management and organisational development, and provides independent facilitation services directly to clients. His clients are leaders in a wide variety of industries and disciplines.

David led a variety of engineering, installation and operational groups during more than 25 years with Air Products & Chemicals in Europe. This included five years as European EH&S Director, during a period when Air Products attained an industry leadership reputation for its health and safety commitments and performance. He also served as European Operations Director. These roles embraced the introduction of effective root cause analysis across many disciplines, including EH&S, quality, continuous improvement, logistics and general operations.

During his time with Air Products, he chaired many trade association committees -- both British and European -- drove the development of a worldwide safety, health and environmental management system.

David is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers CEng FIMechE.

Jonathan Batchelor

Managing Director - Europe

Jonathan joined Sologic as Head of Commercial in 2012. This role focused on developing internal and external communications, marketing of products & services, development of I.T infrastructure and forming strategic industry partnerships & collaborations. In October 2014 Jonathan was appointed Managing Director of Sologic following David Tooth's move to CEO.

His role at Sologic sees him responsible for the operational and commercial activity for the business across the European region, which in this case includes the UK, Mainland Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Prior to his appointment with Sologic, Jonathan worked for over six years within the commercial finance sector most notably as a founding partner at one of the regions largest commercial finance brokers. This was followed by director level positions focusing on training for the Oil, Gas and Renewable sectors.

Jonathan is passionate about Sologic delivering the very best products and services to clients and has a true belief that effective Root Cause Analysis has a place across all industries and through all tiers of organisations.

Suzanne Crouch

Director of Training

Suzanne is a Master RCA Practitioner. Her background is in project management and organisational research, delivering numerous projects for national and global corporations both in the private and the public sector. These include the development of the reliability competence framework for Shell EPE, developing and editing the National Leadership Development Programme for UK College Principals and authoring and rolling out the National Training Manual for Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA - UK Ministry of Justice). Suzanne is a qualified trainer with a Masters Degree in Education and Training and a Post Graduate Certificate in Post Compulsory Education (PGCE). She has a special interest in professional development, coaching individuals on a one to one basis, and as well as delivering Root Cause Analysis training has extensive experience of delivering and implementing leadership and management programmes.

Suzanne is a highly skilled RCA trainer and facilitator. She is known for her abilities to motivate and energise RCA teams and classes, working with and challenging participants, provoking enquiry and creating structure and providing insight to the problems encountered in organisations. Through her inspirational training and leadership Suzanne encourages the participants that she works with to make meaningful changes to their work, processes and behaviours. She has been facilitating and training RCA teams nationally and internationally across a spectrum of global organisations since 1995.

Suzanne holds a Diploma in Coaching and is a Fellow of the Institute for Learning.

Ed Wells

Head of Business Development

Ed joined Sologic in 2016. With an academic background is in Social Sciences, his early career was in journalism. In the 1990s he moved into commercial development in retail, mail-order and online. For 20 years he’s been involved in sales, business development and management with market leaders and SMEs, as well as his own business interests. Working as an independent consultant and trainer since 2013 he has contributed to numerous projects and businesses across a variety of sectors. In this time Ed has helped both UK and European businesses to better understand their objectives, manage problems and implement effective solutions.

With experience in both the corporate and SME business environment Ed is familiar with many of the problems that companies encounter and how Root Cause Analysis transforms the solution process and has a particular focus on how RCA can be used to create effective sales goals and accelerate business development programs. He is an enthusiastic advocate of how developing a strong culture of Root Cause Analysis can transform every aspect of organisational behaviour and deliver outstanding results in the critical areas of company performance.

More recently Ed has been focussing on how RCA can be implemented to overcome the issue of conflicting goals within organisations, as well as developing Root Cause Analysis theory to better understand the negative impact of more commonly applied solution processes.

Ilja Starrowsky

Instructor & Facilitator Netherlands & Germany

Ilja joined Sologic in 2014 as a Certified Instructor/Facilitator in The Netherlands and Germany. She is a Business Psychologist, and specialises in changing the effectiveness of individuals and teams by creating behavioral changes in organisations.

Ilja has developed and led several cultural change programs for companies in Telecom, ICT, Consulting, Research, Industry, Insurance and Finance. After working for a consultancy-firm in The Netherlands, she has been working as an independent trainer/coach and consultant since 2005. As an associate partner of several international companies, she has been involved in international management development programmes, sales-efficiency projects alongside her management counselling and coaching projects.

She has been facilitating RCA research in various industries and is a passionate facilitator, integrating human, technical and organisational aspects in the RCA process.

Delivering programmes in the following languages:

Joan de Torres

Instructor & Facilitator Spain & France

Joan, a chartered Energy Technology Engineer, at ETSEIB UPC, Barcelona, joined Sologic in March 2016, as a Certified Instructor and Facilitator providing his analytical and facilitation skills to Sologic customers in Spain and French speaking countries.

Before joining Sologic, Joan spent the majority of his professional career in the industrial gas sector for more than 30 years. Joan held the position of Learning Mgr. in the Merchant Gases Division of Air Products to implement all aspects of the Learning Process including curriculum, employee and contractor learning profiles assignment and training compliance for an organization of 3,800 people from 45 sites across 10 European countries.

Joan gained extensive operational experience when he held the post of Operations Mgr. for the Spanish Traded Chemical plants of Carburos Metálicos, based in Barcelona. As European Safety Field Support Mgr. Joan provided Safety Process leadership, standardisation and coordination support to the European PGG Package Gases organization, including the leadership of the Incident Investigation applying the Sologic RCA methodology.

Joan developed international operational experience as European Helium Operations Mgr., in Air Products, focusing on safety performance and managing the distribution, logistics and production areas of helium trans-filling plants in Europe. Previous positions included; EH&S-Q Director of PGG organization in Carburos Metálicos focussing on the implementation of the Safety plans providing the required training across the sites.

Aliona Laker


Aliona is a Chartered Manager with over 20 years experience in various sectors. She has particular expertise and experience within the health, education and social care fields. Within her varied roles Aliona has been involved in the planning and development of initiatives driven by Central and Local Government, as well as successfully completing many consultancy projects with a variety of organisations focusing on strategic planning, governance, change management, financial planning and processes, recruitment of senior staff, management & fundraising mentoring, fundraising consultancy, sustainability and evaluation. She is an external assessor with internal Care Quality Commission (CQC) audit team at a major University Hospital Trust in East Anglia.

Aliona is also an experienced trainer and facilitator who works with participants to promote a structured and inquisitive approach to RCA resulting in deeper understanding of events, issues and problems leading to achievable and effective solutions.
Aliona has a Masters degree in Charity Resource Management, a Postgraduate Certificate in Management Studies, a BSc (Hons) in the Speech and Language Therapy and the Psychology & Education of Children with Special Needs, a Certificate in Fundraising Management and ACIE Charity Accounting Certificate. She is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), a Certified Member of the Institute of Fundraising and an Associate member of the Association of Charity Independent Examiners. Aliona is an approved consultant for National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

Originally from Moldova, Aliona Laker is fluent in Russian and Moldovan and delivers Sologic RCA internationally.

Barry Little

Instructor - Sub-Saharan Africa

Barry has worked in the Manufacturing and Service Industry for over 42 years. He is the Managing Director of Barry J Little and Associates cc who specialise in Management development and Training and has provided Facilitation to a number of Business Schools and Major International Companies in South Africa.

Barry left Air Products PLC in the UK in 1982 to join Air Products South Africa as Engineering Manager for the Merchant Gas division and progressed to General Manager: Technical Support. Barry was trained in the use of Apollo RCA in 1999 and has successfully used the Apollo RCA methodology to identify and implement effective solutions to business related problems in particular-EH&S, Operations, Support Services.

During his years in South Africa, Barry was actively involved in Industry Associations and Government Working Groups and a Board Member of two not for profit companies working in the Gas Industry and with Government to Establish National Standards and Regulations.

Barry has studied Mechanical Engineering and Management for over 14 years and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Specialist areas of expertise are Incident investigation, Field EH&S, EH&S and Quality Management systems, labour law, Operations and General Management.

Stan Bell

Senior Instructor and Facilitator

Stan, a Mechanical Engineer by trade, joined Apollo Europe in 2004, as a Certified Instructor, having spent the previous 4 years, training fellow employees within Air Products & Chemicals, in both Europe and South Africa, in Apollo RCA techniques.

Stan has worked with many clients, in more than 25 countries, throughout the world, to both initiate and improve their RCA programmes. During the same period he has been actively involved in Facilitation Services, with many of these clients, and achieved an extremely high level of success within these services.

During more than 30 years with Air Products, Stan held a number of managerial positions including DGSA, and Quality Assessor, within Production, Distribution and Training. This included a period of almost 10 years as European Field Training Manager where is responsibilities included the Production and Presentation of Training Packages in relation to EH&S, and Road Transport processes, for both internal, and customer use across Europe.

Having taken early retirement, Stan started his own training company in 2004, in order to provide training services to clients in the Industrial Gases and Cryogenic Liquids Industries and their respective customers. Also at this time he joined forces with his long term colleague, and friend, David Tooth in building Apollo Europe, and continues in the same role with Sologic.

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