Root Cause Analysis Training in the UK, Mainland Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa

RCA courses

Choose from a wide variety of locations and dates across Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa.

In-house training

Delivered on-site at a location to suit our clients and their delegates.


Online e-learning. 3 hour self directed course available at a time to suit you

Root Cause Analysis Investigation

Clients facing significant events often turn to Sologic to lead their root cause incident investigations with third-party impartiality and credibility.

Our Investigation services

Causelink® analysis tools give you
complete control of your RCA

Causelink incorporates features that
increase problem-solving capabilities and results.

Pinpoint, understand and solve systemic problems


Share evidence based learning and solutions

Causelink Enterprise

Causelink Enterprise®

An analysis tool that gives you complete
control of your RCA across your organisation

Causelink Enterprise

Provides a new way of thinking.

Research Scientist

Ferring Controlled Therapeutics

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Conflicting Solutions

Having identified problems that are holding back the business, we conduct rigorous RCA’s with the primary aim of finding effective solutions. By definition, these solutions are intended, ideally, to eliminate the identified ‘problem’ or at least to help make it happen less frequently or to mitigate its impact.

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Would you invite your customer to join your RCA?

One of your key customers is very unhappy! Apparently, due to errors made by your team, one of their major projects is now running late and they have threatened to impose penalty clauses included in your supply contract.

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Case study


Aviation Manufacturing Company Used RCA to Improve Quality in the Supply Chain

Learn how a leading aviation manufacturing company utilised RCA to eliminate costly quality escapes, bring their corrective action system under control, improve relationships and communication with key suppliers, and gain quick and confident approval from regulators.

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