Root Cause Analysis Training in the UK, Mainland Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa

RCA courses

Choose from a wide variety of locations and dates across Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa.

In-house training

Delivered on-site at a location to suit our clients and their delegates.


Online e-learning. 3 hour self directed course available at a time to suit you

Root Cause Analysis Investigation

Clients facing significant events often turn to Sologic to lead their root cause incident investigations with third-party impartiality and credibility.

Our Investigation services

Causelink® analysis tools give you
complete control of your RCA

Causelink incorporates features that
increase problem-solving capabilities and results.

Pinpoint, understand and solve systemic problems


Share evidence based learning and solutions

Causelink Enterprise

Causelink Enterprise®

An analysis tool that gives you complete
control of your RCA across your organisation

Causelink Enterprise

I can highly recommend the Sologic training and also its use to enable business and organisations to develop and improve - this is definitely not just another accident/incident investigation training course.

HSE Manager

KEO International Consultants

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What is 'Just Culture'?

We know that people not only can but will make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes hurt others or cause harm to the company. Organisations that are aware of this may well try to catch these errors before they become critical. If they do become critical, they may seek to be able to stop or reduce any negative outcome. How can they achieve this?

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We already knew this, but just couldn’t see it!

We had worked the team over three analysis days, over a period of 3 weeks, on an issue that had proven to be extremely complex and wide ranging (we reached 263 causes). This had been a big investment for the organisation, as the problem had caused them a significant amount of ‘pain’. So I could have been concerned, as we drew to close, to hear one of the team members say, “A lot of this we knew, we just had not got it out in the open”

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Case study


Aviation Manufacturing Company Used RCA to Improve Quality in the Supply Chain

Learn how a leading aviation manufacturing company utilised RCA to eliminate costly quality escapes, bring their corrective action system under control, improve relationships and communication with key suppliers, and gain quick and confident approval from regulators.

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