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Root Cause Analysis Blog

Build your RCA skills and engage in dialogue and best practice by reading our blog. In this blog our senior managers, trainers and external contributors will share details about Sologic, RCA in general and explore industry issues and events.

Sologic’s 2018 Charity Bursary Scheme

By: Jonathan Batchelor, on 16/11/2017

We are delighted to invite charity organisations to apply for a substantial bursary award, covering up to 75% of the cost of our Level 1 Root Cause Analysis Problem Solving Course and Lifetime Software License.  Root Cause Analysis or ‘RCA’ is used by the world’s outstanding organisations to improve areas as diverse as quality, safety, reliability, profitability, efficiency, customer service and engagement.  By offering access to funding, we hope to be able to improve access to this valuable skill in the charity sector.

True Romance: Why Root Cause Analysis and Audit & Accountancy was always a love affair waiting to happen

By: Ed Wells, on 19/10/2017

Some love affairs are just meant to be; Antony and Cleopatra, Napoleon and Josephine, Scott and Charlene… But Root Cause Analysis and the Audit Profession? Really??? How on earth did these two difficult kids, with seemingly nothing in common, hook up, fall in love and vanish off in to the proverbial sunset together?

Why You Need to Up Your Problem Solving Game

By: Ed Wells, on 03/08/2017

At Sologic we work with major companies all across the world, helping them solve their business challenges using a powerful complex problem-solving methodology known as Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Throughout this decade we’ve seen a significant shift in the sectors which have engaged with us for our services. Whereas at the turn of the century it would be unlikely for us to operate regularly outside of the core heavy industries of manufacturing and engineering, today we’re as likely to working in the fields of finance, software and service.

Problem Solving and the 4th Industrial Revolution

By: Ed Wells, on 18/07/2017

Since the industrial revolution pumped, puffed and steamed into life in the late eighteenth century it has undergone three distinct phases. Steam and water mechanisation drove the first phase, replaced by the electricity-powered mass production of the 20th century. Over the past 40 years the computing age ushered in the digital revolution and led to greater and greater levels of automation.

How Much Does the Ball Cost? – Fast and Slow Thinking

By: Suzanne Crouch, on 15/06/2017

  A bat and ball cost £1.10 The bat costs one pound more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? Most people come up with the answer of 10p – which is in fact an incorrect answer. Facilitating an RCA recently, the team all looked at the focal point (ie the issue we […]

Going Nowhere – British Airways’ 2017 Global IT Collapse

By: Ed Wells, on 31/05/2017

On Saturday 27th of May 2017, at the beginning of a Bank Holiday Weekend in the United Kingdom, British Airways’ global IT system collapsed. The result was chaos for air travellers around the world.

Own Up or Cover Up? – Your Regulator Relationship

By: Jonathan Batchelor, on 16/05/2017

Recently I was invited to discuss the role of RCA at an international gathering of leading professionals. Their particular field, like many, is coming under increasing scrutiny from its regulatory body.

World Athletics – An Orwellian Solution?

By: Ed Wells, on 05/05/2017

It’s summer 1984 and the Los Angeles Olympics is underway. Doping has already started to saturate the international sporting world but for now this is a Games free of the global scepticism that is about to dominate public perception for more than a generation. But as the closing ceremony concludes the storm clouds are gathering.

RCA – The Edge-Finder

By: Ed Wells, on 19/04/2017

At first thought you might not equate the in-depth problem solving methodology of Root Cause Analysis with performance coaching in elite sport. But that would be overlooking RCA’s emphasis on exposing every detail of an event or problem, making it one of the ultimate generators of marginal gains.

Just Culture – Who is the Second Victim?

By: Suzanne Crouch, on 05/04/2017

I recently wrote about the concept of Just Culture. As I was researching for the blog I not only read Sydney Dekker’s book – ‘Just Culture’ but also came across his video ‘The Second Victim’. Dekker is one they key thinkers behind the concept of Just Culture.

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