Root Cause Analysis Training in the UK, Mainland Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa

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Causelink Enterprise®

The full potential of Root Cause Analysis…

Achieve and maintain Operational Excellence by analysing, correcting and preventing problems of all sizes and replicating successes.

…realised with the power of a unique software solution

A universal platform used across a range of disciplines from health and safety to financial services.

Causelink Enterprise®

An analysis tool that gives you complete
control of your RCA across your organisation

A smarter way of working

  • Web-based
  • No locally installed software
  • Secure cloud based data storage
  • Full control of user accounts
  • Configureable permission based logins
  • Imports data from desktop charting application

Causelink Enterprise gives you a global view of across your organisation

With visual dashboards, common cause analysis, RCA team utilisation, and other reports, managers can clearly see the big picture, share what they’ve learned with their team and upper management, and lead the organisation to decrease costly recurring and systemic problems.

Sologic also supports the transition of training into practice in the workplace with coaching, training progression paths and providing in house Sologic Master facilitators for individual RCA events.The Enterprise version of Causelink¨software provides a collective, real-time view of an organisation’s RCAs.

Investigation data is shared instantly and logically leading to greater corporate memory

Key benefits

  • Track real progress
  • Sustainable and measurable improvements
  • Identify ‘Hot spots’ around your organisation
  • Ownership/completion of agreed actions.
  • Real-time action-tracking
  • Recognise emerging ‘systemic issues’
  • Return on investment

Gaining maximum value from the RCA data you hold

Organisations hold a vast amount of data of all types. Causelink Enterprise uses your RCA data logically to spot trends,identify ‘hot spots’ and track real time progress sharing lessons learned and increasing corporate memory.

Web based logins allow this process to be managed from anywhere in the world whilst having the ability to drill-down to one specific location or department.

Causelink Enterprise® enables users to:

Spot systemic opportunities through automated ‘common cause’ detection

Track solution implementation workflow and effectiveness

Track RCAs and actions by user, group and location

Monitor RCA progress and Key Performance Indicators

Manage users; assign roles and permissions

displayed on interactive map

Leverage learning across the organization with flexible dashboard reporting

fficiently generate metrics to measure against goals and identify trends

Features include

Causelink Enterprise is a fully-featured software solution providing:

– Central Database

– Web Based Cause and effect charting

– PDF report generation

– Common cause identification

– Action Tracking

– RCA workflow

– Solution workflow

– Centralized file attachments

– Drag and drop data relations

– Cause color definitions

– RCA map

– Configurable tags and filters

– Flexible email settings

For more information on how
Causelink Enterprise® can
improve your business…

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