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E-Learning / eRCA

You may be completely new to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training, or you may want a better understanding of why Sologic Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of Root Cause Analysis training and investigation. Sologic’s online Root Cause Analysis training courses (eRCA) provide the perfect introduction to Root Cause Analysis training and to Sologic.

What is Root Cause Analysis Training?

Put into its simplest terms, Root Cause Analysis helps organisations identify the causes of problems and develops solutions to stop them from reoccurring. Alternatively, RCA can be used to help organisations replicate successes. Root Cause Analysis training enables organisations to perform routine RCA themselves rather than employing outside investigators each time RCA is needed. Root cause analysis training has proved to be so effective that many industries now require organisations to undertake RCA training as a key indicator for tendering processes. In addition, organisations of all sizes are increasingly choosing to invest in root cause analysis training so that they can perform better for clients and customers, improve their reputation and continue to expand.

Why opt for Root Cause Analysis training online?

Sologic’s eRCA courses can be undertaken anywhere with an internet connection - at any time. Our eRCA Fundamentals programme is perfect if you are new to RCA, want an introduction to Sologic Ltd or have undertaken RCA training in the past and want to refresh your knowledge. While our eRCA and Causelink programme will allow you to use Sologic’s powerful, leading software tool to begin analysing and preventing problems within your organisation right away.

View a demonstration of Sologic’s eRCA course by clicking here

Sologic is known for providing industry-leading RCA training across the UK, ranging from half a day to two days of classroom instruction with expert facilitators. By investing in these courses, you can learn everything you need in order to undertake your own Root Cause Analysis investigations. Click here to find out more

Unsure which course is for you or want to know more? Call us on 01603 819 130 and our bookings team will be happy to answer all your questions.

eRCA and Causelink bundle

Leave your team even better equipped to solve problems by purchasing the eRCA Fundamentals and Causelink bundle. Once they've completed the e-learning class, they will be able to use the powerful software tool, Causelink, to analyze and prevent problems.

Why Sologic Ltd?

Sologic Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of Root Cause Analysis Training and Investigation - and with good reason. We use the most advanced cause-and-effect methodology and software to help globally recognised names in the aerospace, IT/IS, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, power generation & distribution, engineering and construction, mining, gas, oil and exploration, refining, manufacturing and financial sectors. We believe that effective RCA will make the world we live in better for everyone. Read our testimonials and case studies to find out more or call us today on 01603 819 130.

System Requirements

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  3. Memory: Minimum 256 MB of RAM;

  4. Internet Explorer 5 and above

  5. High-speed Internet access

  6. Adobe Flash Player version 7 and above

  7. Sound Card and Speakers

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