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Mainly people are treated safely and successfully in the NHS. However, it is important that lessons are learnt when things do go wrong. We need to understand what has happened, how to ensure that this does not happen in the future. Root Cause Analysis provides us with the structure, process and language to do this.

Root Cause Analysis is often associated with safety, and in the case of healthcare this is usually patient safety. However, problems and issues may occur across all functional areas of healthcare – procurement, quality management, maintenance, staff safety, ICT and in all the multitude of other functions that make up a healthcare service. Root Cause Analysis is a process that can be used in all of these and is used to identify areas for change and to develop recommendations which ultimately will deliver safer care for our patients.

One of the most common complaints made by healthcare staff that attend our courses is incident reports lack consistency. Other challenges which are identified are those are associated with forming and leading the investigation team; gathering and analysing supporting evidence; and formulating and implementing service improvement. Health care professionals who have been trained in and utilise the Sologic Root Cause Analysis methods report improved skills and reinvigorated commitment to transparent and effective problem solving

Consistent and Collaborative Approach to Root Cause Analysis

The Sologic method is built on more than 20 years of experience across the sectors, including the health care sector. It will enable you to understand the structure of an effective Root Cause Analysis. To visually chart the causes and to use this analysis to generate relevant, sustainable and innovative solutions.

The word investigation can conjure up the images of blame and the creation of a divisive working environment. The Sologic method actually engages employees, building teams and cross organisation communication. RCA participants report that they appreciate being given a voice and enjoy the challenge of analysing problems and using this to find solutions to issues in their work area. The Sologic method provides a structured RCA framework that ensures everyone speaks the same language. Our established and proven logical method will help you to reduce the risks that you encounter across the functional areas in healthcare and enable you and your organisation to pre-empt and prevent challenging problems from recurring.

View a quality root cause analysis example report and chart template here.

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