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In the main, people are treated safely and successfully in the healthcare environment. However, it is important that lessons are learnt when things occasionally do go wrong.

We absolutely do need to understand what has happened, to ensure that this does not happen in the future. Sologic’s effective Root Cause Analysis provides us with the structure, process and language to do this.

Some professionals in the Healthcare Industry may already be familiar with aspects of the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) problem solving method.  After all, investigations into the causes of incidents is an activity that all healthcare providers must do. As a result, companies, trusts, government and regulators are strongly encouraging the sector to employ effective RCA methods as a way to substantially improve quality, patient safety and efficiency. Sologic are an established provider of Root Cause Analysis skills to the Healthcare Industry. We work with some of the largest organisations in the industry, both in Europe and the US. As a result our team understand the sector and our training courses, methods and software are tailored to the specific needs of the sector.

So, what exactly is a truly effective RCA and what does it deliver in healthcare?  At its core, RCA is a process for identifying the causes of problems or events in order to prevent them from recurring. It is based on the idea that effective management requires more than putting out fires for problems that develop, but finding a way to prevent them. RCA can also be employed as a means of identifying best practice, supporting continual improvement and rewarding evidence based decision making.

The methodology provides healthcare professionals with:

  • Insight into underlying causes of problems and successes in patient care
  • Solutions with immediate and lasting impact on safety, quality and efficiency
  • A unified method to overcome increasing complexity across systems
  • Compliance with the expectations and guidelines of regulators and regions
  • Reducing complaints and building a better reputation in eyes of stakeholders
  • Opportunities to improve culture and reduce blame
  • Automated reports for improved speed, transparency and compliance
  • Creating a competitive edge in procurement

Root Cause Analysis is often associated with safety, and in the case of healthcare this is usually patient safety. However, problems and issues may also occur across all functional areas of healthcare – procurement, quality management, maintenance, staff safety, ICT and in all the multitude of other functions that make up a healthcare service. Sologic Root Cause Analysis is a process that can be used in all of these and is used to identify areas for change and to develop recommendations which ultimately will deliver a better healthcare service.

This course enabled me to methodically look at the causative and contributory factors of a given incident whilst working with people from different disciplines.

NHS Trust Risk Manager

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